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Understanding Changes in Open Spaces in London

The goal of this research is to produce a collaborative documentary telling the story of how London’s parks and open spaces are changing in 2012 as a result of the Olympics, and how these transformations are affecting people’s experiences of their local areas and of the Games. We have been capturing moments and key developments in public spaces and places before, during and now after the Games to show what kind of legacy is already emerging from London in 2012.

Through this website you can view videos that have been captured and uploaded and stay up to date with the priject through our social media channels or by by emailing us directly.

Whatever your views on the Games, comments and contributions are welcome - the changes brought about by the Games benefit you, and how are they serving the public good?

Whose Olympics? is an action-research project run by the Development Planning Unit and My Street Films, both based in University College London. The project is funded by the UCL Grand Challenge of Sustainable Cities.

We are proud to be contributing to #media2012, curating a social media legacy for London 2012
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